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Coffee shops are much more than just a place to grab a quick cup of joe. They’re hubs of activity, community, and culture. From locally sourced beans to organic ingredients, the offerings at coffee shops have become increasingly varied and delicious in recent years - but did you know that buying fair trade coffee beans helps to support the coffee growing communities that provide those tasty drinks?

Fair trade coffee is grown by farmers who adhere to certain standards set forth by the Fair Trade organization such as providing safe working conditions, paying fair wages and providing access to education. This ensures that farmers earn enough money for their families while also investing back into their communities. In addition, buyers can rest assured knowing that every cup of fair trade-certified coffee is ethically sourced, directly from growers.

The variety of coffees available at shops may seem overwhelming, but the types of beans used for each drink can often be a great starting point. For instance, Arabica beans are generally associated with espresso and cappuccinos while Robusta beans are typically used in stronger brews like black coffee or espresso shots. Whether you’re a fan of sweet lattes or bold espressos, buying fair trade coffee will ensure that your purchase goes toward supporting sustainable farming practices and helping these hardworking communities thrive.

So next time you’re grabbing a cup of joe from your favorite cafe, take a moment to consider choosing fair trade certified coffee beans. You’ll be supporting a great cause and enjoying a truly delicious cup of coffee!

This article originally appeared on CoffeeBreak, an online magazine about all things coffee. Visit us for more information and news on your favorite hot beverage. Enjoy!

This article has been written with the enthusiastic tone of voice to inform readers of the various offerings at coffee shops, as well as how buying fair trade coffee beans can help support these communities. It explains what fair trade entails and how it is beneficial to farmers while also offering advice on which types of beans are used in different drinks. In addition, readers are encouraged to choose fair trade-certified options when they visit their favorite cafe in order to make sure to stop by today!

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